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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

Well I can see from the photos your bike has oil cups on the bottom bracket so that places it in the pre-war era since it's an 'oiler' bicycle. Some 'oilers' were made in the immediate post-war period (I own one actually), but those pedals are seriously pre-war, possibly from the late 1920s.
At first I thought your bike was an English 'Wearwell', but the badge decal is different. (I own a Wearwell path racer). The fact that the badge is a decal tends to put me off it being an English bike as they tended to have metal badges. Dutch bicycles sometimes used decals, my early wartime Dutch 'Veeno' had a decal for a headbadge, but your bike isn't a Veeno.

I'm going to have to do some more research on this. I will be back.......
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