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Default Re: Aluminum Brazing

I've used that stuff before and it takes a little getting used to... too cold and it wont flow well, too hot and it wont stick, and the aluminum needs to be constantly brushed clean, but once I did my first successful braze I was hooked... I welded a piece of angle to a 1/8" thick piece of sheet aluminum, then I put it in a vise and beat the **** out of it until I broke off a chunk of aluminum but the weld held strong.
This stuff worked great for adding brackets and tabs to my old gsxr 750 frame and since then I've always kept a stash of these rods in with the rest of my welding goodies.
I would recommend this stuff to anyone and advise to practice on scrap metal to get a feel for how it works before trying it on anything important, but once practiced up its like riding a bicycle... once ya learn ya never forget.
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