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Default Re: The Flying Pigeon

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
Unfortunately I was wrong... Or happily.....
As it turns out the bike is of early Dutch Or English descent.
I discovered this today when I picked the bike up in Portland....
Hard to tell as the badge is very faded. She's old though. very old.
I'm going to ask the intrepid wheel woman for lots of help here.
Lepper seat / Dunlop 28" ss rims / Sturmey Archer AW 8 3 speed rear hub / Lucifer Baby dynamo and lights / Front and rear rod brakes / oil bath chain case etc.... HELP!
I have no clue....
A photo of the badge even in faded condition would be a big help in identifying this bike. The Sturmey Archer AW hub should have a month/year marking on it. Sometimes it can take a bit of elbow grease with brass wire wool to clean the hub up enough to see. Don't use steel wire wool as it scratches the plating and leaves behind tiny steel fragments which will cause further rusting.
Dunlop rims are common to many older makes so not a lot of help there. The Lepper seat and Lucifer dynamo sound European, but I would need to do some research to be sure. Are there any frame numbers stamped on the bottom of the bottom bracket lug? - If there are they might be useful as a way to identify the bike.

Any questions you might have please feel free to ask as I ride bikes like this one all the time.
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