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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Got to the shop early enough today and got the doors shut before people thought I was open at 7:30 am so I was able to take a look at my clutch and it was an easy fix, the bevel gear screw backed out and when I let the clutch in to slow down the gear came off the shaft.
Cleaned things up, re greased the gears, and put the bevel gear back on but added some blue locktite to the threads to keep it from breaking loose and backing out again. Got the bike fixed pretty quick this morning but decided not to ride it so the locktite could have a chance to set up really good before I fired the engine up again... It's supposed to only be 27 in the morning so I'm not sure if I'll take the bike out in that cold yet or not... gotta see how I feel when I get to the shop. The bie starts right up on the first or second pull when it's that cold outside but I also need to let it warm up a bit before running it WOT for the mile trip to the taco shop and back... Last time I took it out when it was really cold like that I got to the taco shop just fine, but in that 10 minutes i was in there waiting on my food it was enough time for the engine to cool down considerably and it was 4 stroking all the way back to my shop.
I finally got my disc brake caliper adapter in the mail today so I may do that conversion in the morning depending on if it's just cold and I want to go for a ride, or if it's cold and wet where I'd rather keep me and the bike inside.
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