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Default Twin 66cc 2 Stroke Build Thread

Hello, I am new here and from the UK but not new to motorised bicycles. I've built a couple of them using the standard kits before over the past couple of years.
However now I am building something I've wanted to do for a while, a twin engined motorised bicycle! I originally planned on fitting the engines side by side in the stock position but this was going to make the bike awkward to pedal and look more like a motorbike so I thought I'd see if I could mount them in front of each other and with some cutting and filling to the fins and crank case they fitted!

I've recently got a 135a Mig Welder and this bike has been my first chance to use it but I got a little practice first on an old frame and taught myself to weld and am pleased with the result.

The engines will share one chain (see the cutout in the bottom ones sproket/clutch cover) and I am using a 32t sprocket I bought off Ebay so am hoping for speeds of 50-60mph if I dare go that fast. haha

The controls will be connected to both so I'll just weld a longer handle onto to the clutch to make it usable for a normal person!
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