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Default Advice on fixing more annoying issues

So, yesterday, the motor ripped the spokes out of my rear wheel. Although I can't honestly say that I didn't see that coming, it is turning out to be more of a pain than I thought, because it not only destroyed the spokes, but also the rim and the tire. I am choosing to look on the bright side and view it as an opportunity to custom build an entirely new rear wheel with designed to hold up to a motor, so it won't get destroyed again. Here's what I plan to change:

1) Replacing the tire, because it was worn down anyways.
2) Replacing the rim with a super strong alloy rim.
3) Changing the spoke configuration from 28 to 36 spokes, and using 14 gauge spokes (the thickest I could find).
4) Replacing the stock 44 tooth rear sprocket with this 36 tooth sprocket: which bolts directly on to the axle instead of most of the pulling power being put on the spokes. This will also solve a clearance issue with the chain and the frame.
5) Getting a different axle so that the sprocket can bolt onto the axle (it won't fit on my current axle)
6) Replacing the stock exaust pipe with a homemade torque pipe to make up for lost power from the 36 tooth sprocket.

So, tell me what you think. Advice, concerns, personal experiences, etc, all appreciated. Thanks!
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