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thanks everyone im going to take some pics this weekend and hopefully have up by next week im sure everyone will love this 1965 Schwinn motorbike shes a dream i built her from the ground up all i had was the frame i was given back when my oldest daugther was born 1994 me and my friend jimmy were rideing are schwinn stingrays when we seen a older gentleman chucking the ballon frame jimmy ask him could he have it and the gentleman said what are you going to do with it we reply,d were going restore it later on that year jimmy said his mom threw it countless times in the trash after so many times he kept digging it out the trash he told me if i wanted it before his mom gets it again so i said yes but gave him 25$ for it he didnt even want my money but i told him take it becouse he just became a father. I recently ran into jimmy and showed it to him he could not beleive i held onto it so long. he said it looks like a dream that he knew i would one day make it nice but he had no idea i was going to this to it i told him i didnt think it was going to turn out like this either. i had to buy a whole bike just for the S7rims and it wasnt even a Schwinn the other parts i got from fleamarkets in maryland/texas /michican/ when i visited family in those states some stuff here in my home state of southern california. thanks again everyone for your time
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