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Default Re: first build won't start (yet)

we have lift off. got it going first try. i think pulling off the air filter relly helped. i also think it may have been flooded so i started it with the fuel off and ran it for awhile like that to try and burn any excess fuel. took it out then started messin with the idle screw. first i tightened it way to much so that was scary, i backed it out most of the way. any suggestions on what is the best idle speed? should it coast with no throttle at all? during this frst ride it bogged down several times. i would have to adjust the air flow(choke) by hand while riding to keep the engine going. it got better later in the ride so i think it will improve over time. lastly i noticed my engine seemed to move way to much when i hit a bump, i had lost one of the bolts holding the motor to the frame. i pedaled home. then i tightened everything, a lot. new bolt on moday.

good riding
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