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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Ha!! I just finished workin on the bike, I come in and on the comp. my e-mail says what did i do to my bike??? Ha!! Well, first of all, last week, my chain drive Bridgestone started givin me trouble so thats it!! I took it to car wash , spraywanded it - removed spark plug, set the piston bottom dead center and just blasted it!!!
Then I got it home, removed the motor took it in the house, ( cold cold winter), got into the centrifugal clutch!! -added a small spring to it, did not want to shorten the big spring, cause i figured that If i messed up, then im screwed. This way , I can see how it acts, and if bad idea, i can just remove the extra spring.
Took carb apart, cleaned it, new gaskets, ( had to cut from gasket paper) and claeaned out the magneto- was so dirty, was wondering how electrical could flow. back together on bike, then had to shorten chain( steached chain) not so easy cause it is #25 chain. majior brake modification, new brake and shifter levers, new shifter cable and new brake shoes. Also when I went to start it, the starter recoil spring came out of its ancor seat and the rope just hung out and did not wind back!! At this point I did not know weather to scream, laugh, swear or cry, so i just threw my bike lock at it!!
got it done but i was tired . 15 minute repair.
Anyway when I rode bike, wow!! it idled just a bit higher without idleling on the clutch (centrifugal) and it rode nice and slow , but alot more power and high rpms I dont know the physics and dont know that if i strenghen clutch spring like i did, will it engauge fully?? or will i be burning it all the way down the road?? Well, now, my motor chain is smashing up, so i cannot test at high speed.
TODAY i checked the motor chain, and its so badly streached, it did not fit on the sprockets!! I went to my stash, and got a brand new chain,( have two new spare ones) that i have been saving for 7 years!! sure came in handy,..put new chain on, and tracks great!! I hightened my frame, locked out my high bicycle cog, worn bad and skips , set my low range derailer, brake shoe adjustment, and installed new idler bearing. Too tired to go and fire it up, its cold outside still, until tommrrow when the weather gets warmer.
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