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Default Troble shooting bicycle engine cdi and spark plug wire

Okay I took the bike's electrical parts off to shoot the frame with a little color. I rewired the kill switch and replaced the parts in doing so the spark plug wire came lose from what must be the coil. (the black box on the frame) Now the bike wont even try to start. It has gas and it was choke ten ways. I had the kill switch on off and disconnected. Nothing seems to help..

I'm thinking the spark plug wire did not have a connection when I shoved it back in. I guess I need a new one. so here are the questions.

If you agree that I probably need one, what should I get. Is there something better for this application than anything else or do I just take the old one in and ask for a similier one.

Also on most sparkplug wires I have seen, there is a metal tip on the distributor side of the wire. Is this supposed to have one, If so it is still in the coil and I have pulled the wire out of it. Which would also explain my problem.

Advice please....
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