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Default Re: Wooden It Be Nice?

By the power of Threadcromancy ARISE!

I thought this topic was well worth looking at again with petrol being the price it is. Recently I joined a wood gas vehicle forum to learn more about the subject and after taking advice from much more experienced forum members I've learnt that charcoal gasifiers are the way to go for motorcycles and motorbicycles. Some very intrepid chaps have built wood gasifiers that are mounted on sidecar outfits; - which they need to do because there is a lot more plumbing needed to run on wood rather than charcoal.

Here's a Honda with a charcoal gasifier in action......

Me being me of course I want to run a Villiers engine on a gasifier and the way around the problem of lubrication is to fit a drip oiler onto the intake manifold. This picture clearly shows how it was done on wartime era two strokes.

As a point of interest somebody has given thought to running a China Girl on wood gas rather than charcoal as you can see in this diagram. The text is in Czech by the way and I haven't got around to doing a translation.
I have no idea if this setup would work as shown by the way.
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