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Default Re: Getting new bike and engine, please help with a few suggestions!!

The HYBRID PEDAL sprocket looks like it is still running the rag joint design.
And the pins may cause a clearance issue with the frame.
Interesting idea though....
I run rags on all my bikes.
As Map suggests , Maybe having a second bike is a better idea.

AS to 2 stroke vs 4 stroke on a multiple use bike?
The 2 stroke is much lighter and less bulky way to go.
On a peddle bike weight is a huge concern.
The lightest 4 stroke I have seen is still a fairly bulky and heavy unit.
We are talking about 80 - 100 lb bikes here.
I'd rather not peddle that much mass up a hill, especially with the extra wide crank sets required to run a 4 stroke....
Happy Trails......
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