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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by Eric2.0 View Post
Hey, MApbike.

What is your take on Bikeberries Flying Horse engines? I'm looking at a flying horse armored knight. Says all Japanese bearings and such.

I might go with one of those instead.
honestly I have never had a bikeberry "Flying Horse" engine, believe from what I've seen that they're GT5 type engines, Ive read good and bad about bikeberry engines so I cant really give a recommendation for them.

I have had excellent service from engines from thatsdax, well balanced and just got solod running engines overall, I have a GT5 type engine which is my latest build, I purchased it from a fellow forum member used, he bought it from rose326a which is an ebay vendor, that engine I have is a very well balanced assembly.

Personally, for overall quality and excellent customer service after the sale I like thatsdax.

The kits from song-top that have been mentioned seen to also be good kits and at a very nice price, it could well be that the best kit discussed here for a higher performance build may be the kit from song-top, I say this because it seems those engines come with a better cylinder as far as port size is concerned.

The cylinders that seem to be coming with the GT5 geometry engines lately have horribly small ports, these small port engines will still run fine, but will be lacking in higher performance potential.

I'd probably recommend the song-top kit over the bikeberry kit, since if I was making the choice for myself or a friend I just feel better about those engines compared to the Flying Horse.

The Flying Horse may be a good choice but not the one I would make for myself for the reasons I mentioned.

Yes I know this is a vaseliating response just a little, but I just dont do vendors that sell kits and make info vids that aren't accurate, makes me question what customer service would be like if you needed it and the vendor cant even make a good accurate info vid about the product they!

Not hating on any one here so please no flaming me for not being a fan of bikeberrys videos and engine kits at this point.

Best wishes on whatever you decide and we'll be here to help any way we can to make sure you have a nice working bike when you're done.

I like that bike very much, a laidback seat post will make it a very comfortable ride if you're a tall fella, I like the Huffy bikes myself and that is a better one thaan the one I have since it has the V brakes, you'll have good service from those heavy spoked wheels also, just brake them down and pack the bearings with good quality grease and make sure the bearing tension is snug but not tight.

Nice bike for your project....

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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