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Default Re: Getting new bike and engine, please help with a few suggestions!!

Originally Posted by dan2015 View Post
I am getting, well thinking about getting the firmstrong bruiser 7speed bike and the ghost racer 7g belt 4 stroke motor. My questions are, do you know if this bike is decent? Also i'm not looking for high speeds(wanna stay living), thats why i want the 4 stroke for smoother running and longevity. Is the stock sprocket and rag joint contraption good enough for me or do you recomend a manic hub setup? The reason for me wanting the 7 speed bike is that i also want the bike for exercise once in a while. Theres my final question. Will i be able to pedal the bike with the 7 speeds somewhat easy with the engine turned off for a period of time, say 2-3 miles? Thanks for all, and any help you guys can give. Im new here, and this is going to my first build. Thanks again.
In my opinion, the rag joint will work fine. I would replace all nuts, bolts, and washers with grade 8 Button Head Allen hardware. I do not know about the bike and its quality. The 7 speed would make it easier to pedal, but with that heavy motor, you probably won't want to pedal more than a mile or so, but if you want your exercise u could pedal even longer.
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