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Default Re: Regular v premium

Originally Posted by Theon View Post
Don't know about over there, but over here, they use ethanol to boost octane rating, so, it's not going to have thee same oomph as lower octane gas.
They use up to 10% ethanol over here too, but the octane ratings are still the typical 87, 89, and the premium can be anywhere from 91 to 94 depending on region, but they use the ethanol more of a filler than an octane booster.

Alcohol is different than gasoline in that it has a very high octane rating but it has about half the energy that gasoline has, and it does make more power once the engine is jetted right. Most people notice a very slight drop in performance tho because their vehicles were made before they decided to put 10% alcohol in all the fuels over here, and the newer vehicles that are designed for this mix tend to run about the same as or very slightly beter on the 10% blend with a slight drop in gas milage, but the gas milage is pretty much neglidgeable on most smaller vehicles.

The people I get the most complaints from over here are the ones with high perfromance engines built back before all the fuel was mixed with alcohol, but jetting the carb up a size or even a half size, or doing an ecu remap to give it just a little more fuel under load will fix the issues.

My biggest complaint about the alcohol in the fuel is that it doesn't keep nearly as long and the alcohol can absorb water so in a vehicle that has to sit for several months it can damage the fuel system or gum up a carb or set of injectors. Alcohol can also become very corrosive, but ethanol isn't nearly as bad as methanol in this situation, both for water absorption and corrosiveness, but both types of alcohols are bad for some plastic and rubber fuel components in older cars that weren't designed to run on this stuff.
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