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Default Re: Getting new bike and engine, please help with a few suggestions!!

Originally Posted by dan2015 View Post
thanks for your advice map....i really was wondering on the 7 speeds if they will help when i need to pedal the bike with the motor shut off. I feel i may have problems with the over anxious police in my area and when i am near town i can turn off the motor and pedal.
the multispeed will help the pedaling for sure, they can be pedaled fairly good still but there is a noticeable amount of resistance.

If you get a mutispeed bikethat has a small spoked wheel you can always upgrade it later on to a wheel that has larger spokes, Ive put many miles on wheels with 14ga spokes using the kit supplied "rag joint" sprocket coupler, they do a good job but the clamshell manic type adapter is by far the best way to go if at all possible or use a rear wheel that has larger 12ga spokes and you wont ever have and trouble either way.
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