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Default Re: Regular v premium

If a vehicle is tuned for an octane it's best to stick to that octane unless you are hauling some sort of load. High octane resists burning compared to low octane, that's why you get more HP/Torque out of a high compression engine, because you are increasing the efficiency of the engine itself. Now in modern vehicles they pull timing and add timing as you go along. In my personal car it can run 87 octane, but from the factory they recommend 91 octane. Normally I would run 91 octane just because that's what it's suppose to have, but every once in a while I'll have to run 87 octane. Usually the gas mileage will drop just a hair just because of the power output not being the same and once I go back up to the 91 octane it will still stay about the same until the knock sensors realize that it can run higher timing without pre-ignition.

Now onto the real stuff with these bikes it's best to just find out what actually works on the engines themselves before knocking and stick with that because less octane will cause harm on the engine and more octane won't burn as well as the stuff you are suppose to be running.
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