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Default Getting new bike and engine, please help with a few suggestions!!

I am getting, well thinking about getting the firmstrong bruiser 7speed bike and the ghost racer 7g belt 4 stroke motor. My questions are, do you know if this bike is decent? Also i'm not looking for high speeds(wanna stay living), thats why i want the 4 stroke for smoother running and longevity. Is the stock sprocket and rag joint contraption good enough for me or do you recomend a manic hub setup? The reason for me wanting the 7 speed bike is that i also want the bike for exercise once in a while. Theres my final question. Will i be able to pedal the bike with the 7 speeds somewhat easy with the engine turned off for a period of time, say 2-3 miles? Thanks for all, and any help you guys can give. Im new here, and this is going to my first build. Thanks again.

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