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Default Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mattwestmesa View Post
My first motorized build. Just finished putting it togetherAttachment 76572
nice looking bike, I would like to critique two things I think I see that will likely cause you trouble.

Please understand Im not hating on your project, I simply making a suggestion based on what we that have built several bikes have found to to be good things to do and what we have found to be things can will likely cause problems.

First thing I think I see in the pic is that the rear mounting saddle isn't straight with the seat post down tube, it does look like you have the front straight with the front down tube but in my experience its much more important to get it right on the rear mount since it take more stress from engine torque, get the rear mount saddle flat on the frame and tight then snug up the front even if it doesn't saddle up perfectly flush between angle of mount and angle of front down tube.

Second thing I think I see that will most likely cause you to break mounting hardware is it looks like you may have put some pieces of rubber or something between engine and frame, if the is so, that needs to be removed before you start running engine, that will make felt vibes worse and it will allow engine vibe to transfer a if percentage of the energy directly into those little 6mm studs and they will either vibrate out or they will break, and many time they break flush with the case and that can require drilling them out, installing helium coils for repair.

once again, not be negative toward your bike, it looks nice, but I think I see a couple things that ate gonna potentially cause you trouble that can be prevented very easily before you start running it.

many of us here made those same simple mistakes on our first builds so we been there done that and try to help others on those things when we see what is gonna likely cause them trouble.

nice bike and best wishes, you're on the best forum on the web for this great hobby.
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