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Default Re: Regular v premium

A little accidental science. I raced a GSXR 600 for 3 seasons on 87 octane. One weekend i signed up for a 2 hour endurance race i had not planned to do and had to go buy fuel in a hurry. I could only find 93 octane so i threw it in and raced. The bike felt off but endurance racing is so physically and mentally hard i couldn't really tell. When i got home we put the bike on the dyno just to make sure it was ok and it was down on power from my last dyno session and I suspected the gas. We drained it completely and put my normal 87 pump gas back in and gained back exactly 5 horsepower on the dot. As described above octane is a flash retardant to prevent pre ignition in high compression engines. You will actually get the most horsepower from the lowest possible octane before pre ignition.
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