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Default Re: So you think your motor bike is fast?

I dont think where people ride casually and safely is that big of an issue as far as neighborhoods in most places are concerned.

I just think the racing on the streets at the high speeds some are doing it may not even create that much of a big deal in areas where the bikes are considered legal to ride on public roads.

where I think the problem will developed is when someone dies doing it, I wasnt comparing our bikes to airplanes or cars in the earlier post, I was making the point that even though they are actually more dangerous than our bikes, people see them differently when in fact for those who use their bike for primary and possibly the only transportation they have the motorized bike is just as important to them as a car is to the rest of us and they would be put into more hardship if they lost their primary means of transportation.

I love it that people are being creative and making fast motorized bicycles, I like doing all the simple moods for better power and speed myself, but these guys running up and down city streets at 60mph is gonna get someone killed and thats when the problem could start.

I dont think noise in the neighborhoods is that big of an issue in most places either, people ride loud motorcycles all over the place and only the grumpy old sticks in the mud have an issue with that when most people actually like the sound.

It kinda depends on what part of the country someone lives in also, I can only speak for my area and how most people are around here, for the most part small town Texas just leaves people along unless they're actually threatening public safety or private property, I know laws and people are different in other areas and I cant speak for that since I dont live in a place that gets testy about loud vehicles and people having a good time, honestly not to say this in a bad way at all but we're a little different about some of these things down here in the far south and thats just how it is.
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