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Default Re: So you think your motor bike is fast?

I'll have to concure with Blue on this. I think it's a far stretch to compare our bikes with airplanes or race cars or anything where folks in the past pushed the envelope to attain speed, endurance or marketability.

To the majority out there we are a nuisance and loud pipes, unsafe riding and excess speed is eventually going to put us in an unwelcome spotlight. When that happens our bikes could go the way of the go-ped or the 3 wheel ATVs. Outlawed in every state and locality.

There's a lot of hand wringing about the 2 stroke going away but nobody seems to worry about what the guys who are pushing bicycles where they were never meant to go (on the streets). Unwanted attention is going to be focused on us and that small minority is going to be responsible. If there is any real threat to our hobby, they're it.
Just my opinion.

Not getting down on you, Fly, for posting those links. They just had a way of encouraging discussion. Sorry.

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