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Default Re: So you think your motor bike is fast?

Yup! Mapbike said it really well.

I'll quibble on one thing, though. I'm going by memory here. So I might have details wrong.

But in 1910 Orville Wright crashed an airplane in Washington, DC. He was demonstrating it for the military. Orville was wracked up pretty good. His passenger was killed. And there was an outcry demanding legislation outlawing these dangerous machines. But cooler heads could see the obvious uses of powered air flight. (Though I believe the military was unimpressed on that particular day. It took 'em a while to come around.) So no such silly laws were passed.

But even that might not be all that helpful to us since hardly anyone in the mainstream is really impressed with these bikes. Too many of them consider us a nuisance. So maybe we'd better be more careful than the early aeronauts needed to be.

I certainly like the idea of this forum as a welcoming place. Yet I take a very dim view of those who ride at excessive speed.

I could even go so far as to propose that this forum develop the consensus that excessive speed, on public roads anyway, is very, very bad form.
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