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Originally Posted by Davezilla View Post
I actually got a customer at my shop who has one and he dropped it off with me to fix last week, he said he knew about mine because he saw me going down the street in the mornings and followed me to the shop one day but didn't stop because he had to go to work. once I get his bike running I'll try to talk him into going on a few rides around the area.
El Gallo,
I'm on the southside right off Military and Bynum, my shop is at 2011 Quintana and you can stop by sometime if you're in the area. I got a perfect open stretch of road that's hardly ever busy and about a half mile long for speed testing or tuning on and it's about a mile from the shop. I ride mine mostly in the morning to get breakfast on since the resturaunt is just up the street from the shop. Occasionally I have time to ride on the weekends or after hours but since I keep my bike at the shop that's how I get more time to ride it since I come in about an hour early every day.
i know all about not having time to just ride around just to ride around. for myself i got a new born and two others plus the wife. most of my riding is going to heb for bread and pasta.
i will to make it out to your shop maybe next week, i would like to ride the motorized bicycle out to you, this week is going to be cold.
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