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Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
And you have just joined my club.
Try $65,000 in taxes.... and just as many , or more rigs.
Oregon is corporate tax ****.
( But at least we have no sales tax.....)
And none of it went to road maintenance.
Only fuel taxes and registration do.
Look man, I am as far from a lib as one can get. Trust me.
But as I sed before.
We ( the people ) elected these rule righter's ( or allow'd them to be elected) by shear complacency.
I hear people complain all the time about it.. As i'm sure you do to.
But complaining doesn't get the job done.
You gotta do something about it .
Start in the election booth. Join groups or start them to lobby on your behalf.

Just sitting around complaining won't do a thing but allow the ( insert your chosen profanity here ) to keep on doing what they please with your life and $$$$.
My paying the $35 or so to be legal just allows me to not worry about the police or my conscience . And it's my duty ( as I see it )
Trust me it could be worse....
Try looking at the poor Ausies .
**** you can't even own a gun there any more. Crocodile Dundee would shi- him self.
Pick your country in Europe . 75% tax rate is the norm there.
And you don't even want to look at there annual registration fees...
We Americans are VERY VERY lucky.
Laziness and shear stupidity may wipe that luck away very soon.
Good example: Californians keep electing Nancy Foolosi.........and Jerry Clown types.
I just don't get it......
Just to be fair Oregonians are just as bad ........... Can you say Kitzhaber ?
Our own home grown embarrassment....
Vote often and vote in an educated manner.
Ignore the party line.
This isn't a foot ball game.
Who's side wins isn't as important as is whats good for the country.
Now my rant is through......
I again apologize.
Politics suck..........

LOL......Now my wife would say honey that guy sounds just like you.....!


we have most of what is wrong because we the people have been put to sleep and the education system has become a place of indoctrination rather then education, how do we preserve what made a nation great if the next generation are clueless to what made it great.

Yes we have it good compared to some, but you are right we're loosing it a little more everyday and if people don't wake up soon I don't really think it can be reversed.

Now on the Crocodile Dundee, I read that the fella that that movie mas made to portray was a real back woodsman and that when all the ultra strict gun laws were enacted in Aussie, that the government told the fella he was gonna have to turn over all or at least most his guns and when he refuse they did him just like what happened here at Ruby ridge basically and he was killed.

I haven't researched this to see what all the actual truth about it is, but it doesn't surprise me in the world we all live in nowadays.

I know politics is a no no on here so I guess we better put a lid on this now, but I agree with what you said here boxcar and thank you for being a patriot and having the wisdom to see through the smoke screen that has blinded so many in this America.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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