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Default Re: So you think your motor bike is fast?

Just a matter of time before someone dies doing this, very sad but the same thing happened when man was learning to fly, climb the tallest mountains and being the fastest in an automobile.

Difference is no one tried to outlaw airplanes, climbing tall mountains or fast cars, we may not be so lucky with our bikes when the poop hits the fan over a tragic high speed motorized bicycle death.

people better stop doing all this 60mph stuff on the public streets and find an old airstrip or somewhere out of the medias big fat if it bleeds it leads eye, because they will run it in the ground the first time there is a serious accident and a death on one of these 60+mph bicycles.

I Like to cruise at 40+mph on the rural roads around here where I live and I like speed as much as anyone, but some of these guys are just doing it in the wrong places and its gonna bite a bunch of people in the butt sooner or later because we live in a world here in America now that media will turn every little thing into as big of an issue as they possibly can, that gets many people who really don't understand any of it all up in the air and calling for laws and rules against whatever it is that they have now become scared of because of the picture the media painted of it and then, lawyers and the local or state law makers get involved because of the outcry of a hand full of influential people and the media and they figure the best way to resolve the problem is just to spank the entire class and take away their lunch money because of what the one senseless moron did in the back of the class.

All it will take is the right thing to happen at the right time in the right place and our motorized bicycle hobby will be under fire in a bad way and we'll be seen as a threat to public safety and as rebels and law breakers who are somehow cheating by having this unregulated, untaxed somewhat free transportation that is just to dangerous to be allowed on public streets and highways.

God forbid anyone dies enjoying this great hobby, but with the speeds some of these guys are doing now without wearing any protective gear and at least a brain bucket, someone is gonna die and someone is gonna make a huge deal of it.

Just felt like throwing my $0.02 in here on the crazy high speed street riding without protective gear of some kind.

Peace, and lets be wise and ride safe the best we can my brothers and sisters.

I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!

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