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Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
I live in one of those small towns where every one kind of knows every one.
While the law here in Oregon is as restrictive as most when it comes to motorizing a bicycle .
Just like some small towns i n Texas ( where the law is nearly a clone of Oregon's). The powers that be are willing to look the other way, in most cases.
Small towns are that way. That's why I live in one...

It's hard to over look a guy passing cars and making a bunch of un-necessary noise though.

Cops don't just get pay'd to protect people , they also get pay'd to keep the peace.
A guy screaming along at 30 + miles an hour on an un muffled or piped 2 stroke isn't quite most people's idea of peaceful....
So I get it.

I also know that a bunch of motorized bicycle owners are riding them , not out of love for the craft.
More like I got a DUI and can't drive a car any more so I will skirt the law with my MB.

Sorry , you guys get no sympathy from me. I'v lost a few friends to drunks on the road.

Look, I'm an old biker. I'v lived the life and done the deeds.
I also know that nearly every run in with the law was my fault, one way or another.
I believe me, I have had a few......

A bit of common sense ( on my part ) would and could have prevented every one of them.

I don't call cops Pigs' any more.
Wisdom was a late comer in my life , but it finally show'd up.
I have found that no matter what the situation is a bit of respect goes a long way.
And being stupid will always cause trouble.

I like to run under the radar as much as possible now days.
My gas bike ( at least the one I ride to town on ) is quiet and looks legal.
I try to obey the rules of the road on it , and be respectful to others on the road.
Never had a problem on that bike.

My guess is that If someone, somewhere, wasn't being an idiot on a gas bike there wouldn't be a problem.

As to taxes and fees.
Hey If you ride on the road , you need to pay for that road. Just like a guy in a car or truck pays for that road.

Portland Or. is a great example of bikes gone bad.......
Every major road in the city has been modified to make them Bicycle friendly.
Hard to explain , you 'd need to see it to believe it.
All intersections have special bicycle turn lanes, some in the middle of the road.
All pay'd for by tax dollars ( Billions of them ) . That'd be the guy in the car...

And how do the cyclist's repay the public's kindness ?
By riding through intersections like they own the road.
Because in Portland , they do.

God forbid you bump a bicyclist in Portland.
You will be on the 8 pm news and then in court getting you'r a-- sew'd off. Weather he ran a red light or not......
Weird town is right.

Remember: All of the laws / fees and restrictions we have right now were enacted by the people that we have elected........... So who's fault is it.........?

That's my rant for the day .
Sorry to put you through it , but hay. Who else is going to listen to an old fat guy like me???????

The wife and I paid in over $20,000 in taxes this last year which doesn't include all the local sales taxes we paid, that doesn't include vehicle registration tax on six vehicles which include a truck a SUV one car, two motorcycles and one scooter and the inspection sticker tax on all of them.

I feel I've paid plenty of my share so I can ride a motorized bike on my local roads and streets.

The idea that more laws and more government is a good idea along with hyper liberalism is a mental disorder and its a shame way to many states have come down with it.

Im thankful that Texas at least for now isn't one of them.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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