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Exclamation Re: what did you do to your motorized bicycle today?

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
You did see where I said "small town rural Texas"didn't you?

Some of us dyed in the wool country folks that live just a little North and West of where you are in big city Austin still carry on the country folk way of looking at things and the way our parents and grandparents talked, come on up to this part of the state and hang out at a goat cook off, brisket cook off, stock show, rodeo, tractor pull, hunting camp or our annual Rattle snake round ups and you'll hear Yee Haw among many other words and phrases along those lines before you leave...LOL!

We love every type of Texan and those elsewhere for that matter but we also say when it comes to our way of talk and thinking that city folks just don't get it....LOL!

We aint dumb hicks by any means but we enjoy country living and the simple things in life and many of us carry on the talk and traditions of the kinfolks that came before us because we truly believe their way of living and thinking was a lot better than what is considered mainstream this day and time.

So I'll say a big Yee Haw and a Howdy doo to you my fellow city slicker Texan....!

I can do the city things too, but I'm gonna countyfy it a little because that just makes it more fun...

LOL Mapbike, I moved up here from down near Corpus 3 years ago. raised my whole life in south texas(Bishop, near kingsville 3k pop, que Dramatic thunder and violins)... oddly no accent. anyhow. No Issues with the country way if you will
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