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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by Eric2.0 View Post
Thanks, Mapbike. You give great tips, appreciated.

The first one I built was a Cranbrook with the Stinger 80 on it. I'm mechanical, but I could never ever get that thing to do anything....not even fire. I think all I got was a muffled PPvvvvffff for a few seconds, lol. I built the bike up good looked great.

I put it away and I think I traded the thing for something.

Also that bike in Target wasn't a looked like one, but much junk TBH....I could see pin holes in the welds....29.00
is too much IMO.... Doesn't even seem safe to be a pedal bike.
Well I bet this time will be very different for you sir, and I know we will do whatever we can to help you get anything worked out that may become an issue, but I bet you get this done with flying colors and have next to no problems and this is my wish for you on this build.

Well maybe those cheapo bikes are just thruster fixie knock offs or crap thrusters off the line that couldn't live up to the slightly better cheap bike standards and got relabeled and sold dirt stinking cheap to other big box stores.

The welds on the Thruster Fixie I have look good, not like super perfect tig welds but there aren't any pin holes or noticeable bad welds, I looked this bike over really good before I would even pop on it for the $49 I gave for it.

Sounds like you made a good decision staying away from that hunk of junk.

The Rollfast will make you a great bike...
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