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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
That will make you a nice motorized bike and be a much stronger and more comfortable build than the Thruster Fixie frame.

Take the hubs down and pack the bearing good with a quality tacky grease, make sure all the spoke are tight, put some thick thorn resistant tubes and good 26x1.95 tires on it and get that engine installed solid on that frame with NO RUBBER or anything else between engine saddles and frame, get wiring done properly with good sealed type connectors, use loctite or similar product on all fasteners studs, bolts and nuts, put a quality NGK B6HS spark plug in it, get clutch cable installed and dont use small diameter spring between clutch arm and clutch cable housing stop, etc....

If you put this engine and parts on that bike the right way, you can enjoy a good running and riding bike from the get go without a lot of fuss and issues to work through and I know several of us on here will gladly point you in the right direction the best we can on every aspect of the build to help you get it right the first time.


Thanks, Mapbike. You give great tips, appreciated.

The first one I built was a Cranbrook with the Stinger 80 on it. I'm mechanical, but I could never ever get that thing to do anything....not even fire. I think all I got was a muffled PPvvvvffff for a few seconds, lol. I built the bike up good looked great.

I put it away and I think I traded the thing for something.

Also that bike in Target wasn't a looked like one, but much junk TBH....I could see pin holes in the welds....29.00
is too much IMO.... Doesn't even seem safe to be a pedal bike.
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