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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Hmmm I might be using a 1961 Rollfast cruiser I remembered we have sitting in the back room. It's great shape and lots of room for a motor. Built in USA it says. I forgot I had that bike. I brought it up and wheels roll, frame looks good. Just gotta take the front basket off and flip the bars around for the board racer look. I might even put mountain bike handle bars on it.

To me the cruisers look better with engines in them so I might just use it.

A cranbrook I can get for 40 bucks too.

Anyways I ordered the F80 kit GenIV from Dax. This will be a basic build, solid engine installation and safety considerations..... I just want to get riding one of these and see how I like it. Would be fun in the hot summer evenings riding to the store and what-not....get away from all the internet and Terrorist BS for an hour, lol.

So's a Dax engine and 1961 Rollfast.... It looks like this one..

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