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Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
It's all about the money. Just another way to feed the bloated bureaucracy choking away all our personal freedom and responsibility.
Bicycles should be free to own and ride. Alcohol is legal. Why should a motorized bicycle be illegal?
Oh....right. It's for our own good.
Yep people can have a couple drinks and hit the road legally.

People can talk and text on there phones while driving in most states legally which has almost got me run over by those texting and driving morons around here while on my motorized bikes and the Harley, yep its more about money and control than it is about "keeping the public safe"

Its funny how it all is, I know cops around here that I went to school with and just know from them being around here for so long, many of them were heavy drinkers, drug user before and after they became a cop, street racers, fence jumper that would go trespass on people land to hunt and fish, among other things like taking weed away from kids telling them to go home and them sticking a joint or two in their pocket to enjoy later and then these same guys will try to give some people all kinds of trouble over things much less than what they do or have done.

I know there are some law enforcement that do care about doing a good job and helping people out, but honestly nowadays I think they're far and few between, its just a job and it gives them a power rush, take a gut that never really could get along with others very good growing up and always seemed to be the odd man out and give him a gun and a badge and suddenly he thinks he's some kind of above the law supe hero....LOL!

Not hating on Police officers that are good moral people, but I don't see many of those around here.

I am happy that Texas law makes it easy to have things like our bikes on the road though, that is a blessing for sure.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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