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Yeah and you'll notice that on those super fast bikes, some have modified stock exhaust and some sweet looking moped expansion chambers and on every single one of them that you can see fairly good you'll notice they're running stock kit CDI ignitions.

for sure some fast bikes in these vids and I can tell you for sure that this MZ place in Miami does have some of the best prices on the motorized bike stuff, he ships very quick also.

Yeah I know some people dont like the MZ guy because it seems he has several cloned parts but for people who are on a tight budget, this gives them a chance to have some better stuff as well, so I'm not gonna hate on anyone.

Sure wish dave and I didn't live so many miles apart, I bet we could manage to get a good crew of Texas boys built up for some fun like this...!

Great videos Flyman, a little more jabber than racing but hey it all goes with the territory since we tend to get a little excited about our bikes.
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