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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
I sorta agree with this, but not all the way since they actually get paid by us the tax payer to provide protection to us "we the people" and our property when the possibility of a threat comes into play.

A motorized bicycle isn't a threat to anyone really anymore than a strictly pedaled bicycle could be, I know that many arguments can be made on both sides of this issue, but most of the states that seem to be the strictest on things like this are the same states that tax and regulate their citizens to death in dang near every area of life and by doing this in the name of "public safety" they stamp out a big amount of people individual freedoms, there are obvious reasons not to let people run on the streets in go-Karts and things like that, but a motor assisted bicycle is still a bicycle and I'm so thankful I live in a state where at least for now our state government has enough common sense to realize that also, and not beat up on it's citizens for making a bicycle into a little bit better and faster form of transportation.
It's all about the money. Just another way to feed the bloated bureaucracy choking away all our personal freedom and responsibility.
Bicycles should be free to own and ride. Alcohol is legal. Why should a motorized bicycle be illegal?
Oh....right. It's for our own good.
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