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I used to do a lot of short run custom circuits. That tool would have been a help. Don't do much of that now as I have so my many other projects lined up(most of wich I'll never get too). Could you post the link for the drill bit supplier.

PS: I enjoy your postings.

Jim English

Originally Posted by Intrepid Wheelwoman View Post
I've just purchased one of these mini drills out of China for drilling wee holes in printed circuit boards. Freehand drilling with a Dremel to do this gets old very fast I can tell you
I've also discovered that tiny tungsten carbide drill bits are easy to find at a cheap price from China as well. When I was still doing a lot of model making buying tiny drills at model shop prices was expensive. The Chinese are basically selling their drills for 1/10th the price and they're tungsten carbide and not HSS which is a major bonus

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