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Default Re: Pulled Over...

If I had my way, then almost any vehicle would be allowed on the road. And I do mean anything: go-karts, hover-rounds, etc. ATVs and home-made mopeds? You bet!

There'd be a few rules. Some of them wouldn't need to be law. Just common sense. Don't roll your ATV at forty mph. Don't goose your motorized bicycle and go flying off the road into some obstruction.

And there would be true rules-of-the-road. Slower traffic, keep right. Corvettes and SUVs would just have to get used to the fact that they'll not have much opportunity to floor it. But they won't lose anything with that, anyway. They can hardly floor it now. Traffic's just too rotten everywhere. (One of the reason's it's rotten is that those guys are still trying to floor it. But that's almost another issue.)

And one hard rule I'd make is don't run over or hit ANYTHING that is in the road. If you do and if there's a human being involved in that, then you're going to do at least some time in jail or prison. And once you get out, you're going to spend years pedaling a bicycle since you can't be trusted with a motor.

Let's go ahead and keep the interstate highways free of home-made, slow moving motor vehicles. People can go seventy-five, eighty miles an hour between the cities.

But let's open the surface streets to almost anything. The pace of traffic will necessarily be slowed. But not all that much; it's near gridlock already.

And everyone will be better off for it.
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