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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
As soon as I manage to get The Huffy broke in . I will be finding out just how well they work with the Fred head , a good trim....Etc. Will be the "hot rod".
I'll let you know.
The Centrix has just clocked 700 miles.
I'm going to leave that engine alone. As it is my base line bike.
I did have the head off last night. Just for inspection...
Clean and tight....
Sounds good, I'll enjoy knowing how well they do on the upper rpm end, they have to be smooth at top rpm's to make me happy since that is where I do most of my riding, long stretches of county roads here in my area with no shoulder and speed limits of 75mph for the traffic passing me makes me ride as hard and fast as I can on those roads with a good rear view mirror so I dont get plastered from behind by a cager, I did have a truck load of teenage boys through a big cup of ice in my face one day while I was clicking along at about 45mph, I think the anger I felt after that brought a new definition to road rage, I tried to find those boys, but I guess its a good thing I didn't... it would have gotten ugly...LOL

If I didn't already have so many engines sitting in the shop now I'd go ahead and order one of those kits from song-top but I need to weed out a couple I already have before I take on another project since I already have more started than I can seem to get finished as it is.

Yes keep us posted on how the song-top engine does overall and what the power and balance is like in the top rpm's.
I dont always ride WOT, but when I do..I do my best to keep the rubber side down..Ride safely my friends!
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