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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by Eric2.0 View Post
Thanks for this, I'm settled on a DAx motor, merely because I just want to have a chance at getting one of these to actually run and it seems the best chance is with Dax. Since he inspects and does some messing around with them to make sure they have a chance at life, lol.

Nice bike BTW. I saw pics. I'm going up to Target to get mine in a few minutes. They have it for 29.00 clearance so it's a no brainer.
I dont know how much experience you have with these engines for sure as far as getting the fuel mixture set right by changing jet size in carb, but honestly, if any of these little china girl engines are set up right and the Mag and CDI are sending fire to the plug, they will run.

You said you could never get that Stinger engine to run for you, what do you mean by not run for you?

Do you mean it wouldnt ever start up at all?

Or do you mean it just wouldnt ever run good enough for you?

The reason I'm asking you this is because it doesn't matter who the engine is from or how well it's put together if it isn't set up right on the bike, it isn't gonna run.

I'm just trying to get an idea of what you have done and exactly what your last experience details are so maybe we can help you to make sure you have a better experience this time around, I know myself and several others here want to hear that you are zipping around having a great time on your bike once you get the new engine buckled up on it.

If you can share pictures of your bike on here that will be good also, that way we can see what ya got and can possibly suggest way to resolve or prevent issues you could face with the new build.

Best wishes and lets see if all of us together here can see to it that you have success this time.

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