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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by boxcar View Post
I'll post up a link.


Yes I have. 5 to date , All with good results.
He's a fast shipper and good communicator.
On Ebay, all good things.....
Thats great to know boxcar, I'm gonna try one of these before long myself, people do to understand that the limiting thing about thse particular engines is that the after market manic intakes and the offset Z shaped intakes wont work on these engines since the bolt spacing on these jugs on the intake side is 35mm instead of the 32mm and 40mm spacing that is more common in the past.

But I will also add that since the intake on these is port matched to the cylinder all that is really needed for great flow is to bore the ID of the stock shorty intake a bit and it will be ever bit as good as the Manic type intake.

If these engines have as good a balance as you say boxcar, these should be real winners with a little bit of port cleaning and possibly shaving the deck down just enough to get the piston perfectly level with the jug when torqued down, slap a Puch head or Fred head or whatever will give better compression and it should be a real good running engine with the good balanced lower if the main bearings stay put and dont do llike the one Dave has.

No doubt i'm gonna have to give one of these a try.
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