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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
when I shared that link for those engines that song-top sells, I was thinking seriously about ordering one, looking back that would probably have been a better route to go rather than ordering the claimed 40mm stroke engine kit I did out of Hong Kong and actually getting a Half Breed engine that doesnt have nearly as good of balance as any of my dax engines or the latest GT5 I built up.

If I order another kit off of ebay this year it will be one of those from song-top since I want to see for myself what the run characteristics of those engines are.

Bottom line on these engine as far as equity is concerned is that truly most are a crap shoot just as they have always been, but I will also say that the majority of these newer kits are coming with better cranks in them, it seems the kits with the horribly balanced engines that will darn near shake the wheels off a bike are getting far and few between, I know there are still some of the old kits out there becAuse I've seen pics on ebay that shows signs of the engine being the older model.

Yes the engines and the kits cost more from thatsdax, but he doesnt sell the old junk engines and he inspects things for potential problems ahead of sending them out and although the engines aren't made in the USA they do have inspection and some assembly done here to help insure the customer get a good engine right out of the box, tell me anyone else in this business that does that other than the engine builder that are getting $400-$700 for a custom high performance built engine?

None that Im aware of and I've bought 6 engines from Duane so far and no lemons out of the box, I do have one that has developed accesive end play in the crank, but since it was the engine I ran a little hot and did my first 50+mph running with I may be the blame for whats wrong with that one which will be easily fixed and going again when I have the time.

I say buy what you want and feel confident with, but for me I feel very co fident in the engines from thatsdax and Duane stands behind his product with good customer service and 9 times out of 10 when you call him he answers the phone and will chew the fat with you just about as long as you want, this is the kinda fella I like to do busy less with, there's a lot of value in knowing you can depend on a product and the fella your giving the hard earned money to in my opinion.
Thanks for this, I'm settled on a DAx motor, merely because I just want to have a chance at getting one of these to actually run and it seems the best chance is with Dax. Since he inspects and does some messing around with them to make sure they have a chance at life, lol.

Nice bike BTW. I saw pics. I'm going up to Target to get mine in a few minutes. They have it for 29.00 clearance so it's a no brainer.
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