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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Im purdy sure the bolt pattern for the jug is smaller on the 49cc engines and I think you would also need to bore out the case where the jug slides down into it inorder to get a 66cc jug to work.

I have an old 6666cc engine that has a smaller stud ppattern, it may be the same as the 49cc engine since its also got the 6mm studs instead of the 8mm like most all of them have now.

I know BGF still sells a replacement top end for the small pattern 6mm stud 66cc engine and he still has some lowers also, they have the Z-L rod and are 40mm stroke.

Not sure if any of the 66cc jugs with 6mm studs could be made to work on the 49cc lower but it may be possible..

also since I dont have a 49cc engine, I dont know if all of them have the same stud spacing, Im just assuming that they do.

I know Greg58 runs the 49cc engines so maybe he can ring in here and shed some light on it.
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