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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by maniac57 View Post
Once again, Dax engines are NOT "made in the USA" as claimed.
He simply inspects the china motors and replaces the phillips head screws.
Nothing more.
Agreed, but that's one less thing we gotta do when we get an engine and since we cant just walk in somewhere to inspect them ourselves its nice to know we're getting a good engine to start with, not to mention having the good hardware is another thing we don't have to do, my first engine came off ebay and the vibration was unreal, the crank was aweful, and it lasted a whopping 90 minutes of run time before I noticed a critical issue that would have destroyed the engine within a few more hours of run time so getting a pres inspected engine that runs smooth right out of the box at a decent price is a big plus for me.
When I found the problem with that engine I bought a Dax bottom end for $69 and put my top end on it and the difference was night and day in the smoothness department, even at 10k rpm there's almost zero vibration. I'm totally happy with that setup.

Now if we could walk into a shop and hand pick which engine we took home with us things might be different but since most of us only buy one or just a few of these off the Internet its good to know we're being sent a good engine either to install and ride or to start a good high performance build from.
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