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Default Re: Tools. What is absolutely necessary?

In the first post of this thread Trey asked about "building and maintaining". To me those are two very different things.

When I build I might use everything from a TIG welder to a screwdriver, and everything in between including pipe benders, rubber mallet, taps and dies, bench vice and even one of several sets of hemostats. Building, especially a custom build might/could require almost any tool imaginable.

Maintaining, is different. Especially if you're talking what you take with you on a ride. I tend to travel light. I have a pair of very small, 4" vicegrips, an equally small crecent wrench, a set of metric allen wrences, the kind that are all in a folding holder, a 10mm combination wrench, a screwdriver with common and a Phillips that can be switched depending on what you need. A few nylon tie-wraps (zip-ties) and my cell phone. It all fits in a fanny-pack. Have never needed anything more.

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