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I got mine pulled all the way down ready to split the cases, even broke all the case bolts loose. I need a few boxes to keep things in once the case is apart. The bottom spins amazingly smooth. I am talking to a few shops about balancing and truing the crank and rotating assembly. I figured out a few tricks on pulling the magnet, front sprocket, and clutch basket loose and will post a pic later. I need to find a good heli coil kit to cover all the sizes in the motor as i plan to heli coil them all. I need to find the absolute best studs for the cylinder/head I can find while i am at it too. Since I am going to tap/heli coil everything i can change size and thread if needed. Semaj, I like electrics too this is just what i have budget and time for right now. I also flipped and spun the bars around to get them as low as possible. I will be working on aero as everything goes back together.

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