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Default Re: Good, two stroke motor kit.

Originally Posted by Eric2.0 View Post
Says built in the USA from global parts so I assume Dax reworks the china engines to make them better. I assume if you buy one I can put it on the bike and have it actually run without having to put different gaskets, bolts ect, in it before. It says the engines are fully tst ran before shipping....that is attractive.

I just want to go riding without having to do 50 things to get it started.

That last engine I had wouldn't do anything, so I gave up on it.

So if Dax actually runs these before shipping and they are assembled in America, I'm basicaly going to get a motor that is guaranteed to run.....that is worth the extra amount, to me.

I think Dax will have a deal.....thanks!
you wont regret getting your engine from thatsdax, he does his best to make sure you dont get a lemon and he also provides great service after the sale which has a lot of value in my opinion.

I have also done some business with sashawigs2009 on ebay and they do offer good customer service but like all the other ebay sellers I know of none of their engines are tested before being shipped out, best i remember sashawigs2009 engines comepartially unassembled which is a good thing for me since the first thing I do with any of them is at least pull the jug and piston to clean ports up, replace upper bearing and inspect how the crank spins in the bearings.

Good thing about a complete engine from dax is that he inspects things and makes sure everything looks good.
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