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Originally Posted by YesImLDS View Post
Great that it's working for you! I am glad you got that piece out and it's a dang good thing I really mentioned that is what happened! I wouldn't want some mad at me for such a thing! I just need to get another GT5 piston and jug and I should be good to go on this dax bottom end, but the PK80 runs really well right now so I can't really complain. Sounds like you got a good running motor for ya! Hopefully it gets you far! If Dax showed increase in performance with the GT5 I'll trust that and I might just build another bike for this motor somewhere down the line and just have a couple bikes in my stable!
Yeah its easy to need a!

I have 5 bikes built currently and I have another one started, Im gonna build a ouple new engines to update my first two builds and then maybe this summer or in the fall I'll get time to get the Schwinn build together that I actually started last year.

I have a special engine Im planning to build for it, should be a real strong running bike if all goes as planned.
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