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Default Re: 3D printed in-frame plastic gas tanks

They cut and bent some pretty heavy gauge steel to form and tack welded the top plate inside of the frame walls

and the bottom plate outside the side wall.

It has 3 acorn nut mounting holes, and the petcock is from the new style tanks with the outside threads so you can orient the level and it has a reserve.

I taped up all the seams and holes and mixed up a 2/3 batch of Caswell gas tank sealer, it's a 2 part epoxy, and saved the not mixed 1/3's for a second coat just in case.

The consistency of the mixed jells is a lot like maple syrup.
The warmer it is, the better it flows, and yesterday at 4PM everything was at 80F.

It was such a gorgeous day I just sat outside in my boxers and just put the tank in different positions on the table just kinda using my 'minds eye' to see how the syrup was flowing around in there.

Sorry for the weather rub there... not, I live here for this reason ;-}

When I finally got to draining out the excess caswell mix and I literally got some 'first hand' experience with what this mix will grab and coat with something impervious to any chemical I have here.

While it was draining through the petcock tube I could see it was hardening and the stream getting thinner so I shoved a Q-tip in the hole to unblock it and got some on my hand, then the chair, then the BBQ...

I figured the rest could just cure and laid the tank on it's left side (filler holes up) and noticed some syrup was still coming out the petcock hole that just kept getting thinner to the point of spider web, and I touched that too.

They should market this as real spider man string hehe, anyway just use extreme caution when using the stuff and don't even think of using petcock tube with internal threads, they won't be there when you are done, much like a couple of my finger tips skin.

I'm going to let it cure open outside until Monday to test it, and hopefully get it all cleaned, painted and installed then.

I am liking it so far.

I have a cooler exhaust plan but it hasn't even been fired up yet but so far so good.
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