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Originally Posted by mapbike View Post
No it wasnt odd at all, he has switched engine geometries, he built one up for himself he said right off to see how it would perform, he said all he did to his was clean up the casting slag from the ports, put one of the RT carbs on it along with one of those small banana pipe expansion chambers and one of the Puch heads he sells now bolted straight to the jug with no head gasket.

He told me he has been impressed with the performance of his, he said it has good power and is pushing his bike 40+mph comfortably with a 36T on the rear.

He told me that the balance of these newer engines is just as good as the 40mm stroke engines he was selling before, that was my main concern since the other dax engines I have are the best balanced engines I had run.

I can say that the GT5 lower I got from you has a good balance also, I was a bit concerned of how it would be when I noticed a slight amount of wobble in the crank counterweights when I spun the engine but to my pleasant surprise its a really smooth running engine, I still have some things to experiment on with it but its doing just over 40mph on the bike with a 41T sprocket, NT carb, kit exhaust slightly modified and one of the pedal chopper type heads, so I cant complain.

Im glad I flushed it out good though, I flushed out a good size piece of that wrist pin retainer clip that was still in it, it was at least a 1/4" long and would have spelled disaster if I hadn't got it out.
Great that it's working for you! I am glad you got that piece out and it's a dang good thing I really mentioned that is what happened! I wouldn't want some mad at me for such a thing! I just need to get another GT5 piston and jug and I should be good to go on this dax bottom end, but the PK80 runs really well right now so I can't really complain. Sounds like you got a good running motor for ya! Hopefully it gets you far! If Dax showed increase in performance with the GT5 I'll trust that and I might just build another bike for this motor somewhere down the line and just have a couple bikes in my stable!
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