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Default Re: Another new guy and 1st build on GT2 frame

Originally Posted by HDCowboy View Post
I might try what I seen the guy in this video do.........
that exhaust is an older style, I have a couple of those pipes, the newer ones that have the single nut to hold the end cap on are different inside, the outlet is larger and the baffling inside is different.

There is a tube that can be cut off shorter that will help the flow and along with two extra 3/8" holes drilled in cap it does make a difference.

Judging from the pics you've posted of your bike, the pipe on yours looks just like the one Im currently using on the latest GT5 engine I just got going and it has actually impressed me with how well the engine is performing with that muffler, these newer ones flow much better it seems than the older version like the guy in that video is using.
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