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My engine is the GT5 style. I don't really have an explanation as to why the vibration has gotten so much better other than what i mentioned earlier. I really need to order a tach before putting it all back together this time. I think i am on the right road for my goals with it. I was afraid the 36 tooth rear would make it struggle off the line but what is probably a combination of the new rings seating in and getting the jetting right on the new carb, it pulled harder than it ever had with the 44 on my last ride right before it broke the rear mount. I didn't realize the DAX bottom end was a different stroke so I may keep with the GT5 because that is what i am learning and have a growing pile of parts for. I was going to try the same and add another base gasket, make a super thin head gasket and shave a touch off the jug also. Let us know how it reacts to that if you do it before i get too. Well it's my day off so i am out to remove my motor again so i can fix the broken mount and change out the bearings and all the other stuff i need to do for the next stage in setting up this bike.
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